Due to COVID-19, the Center for Human Development is postponing all programming.

Workshop and course offerings will be on the calendar soon.
  • Education & Training

    • About CHD

      Founded in 2001 by Susan Jakubowicz and other cofounders, the Center for Human Development is a psychoanalytic institute with a learning environment designed for students. We combine theoretical with experiential learning. Our high academic standards satisfy New York State requirements.

      The program is based on the groundbreaking work of Hyman Spotnitz, MD, the founder of Modern Psychoanalysis, who developed theories and techniques for working with severely regressed individuals, as well as emotional communication.

      Using a humanistic approach, CHD prepares its students to become licensed psychoanalysts. We offer continuing education for licensed social workers, and other mental health professionals. We’re dedicated to developing well-trained and compassionate professionals. We also welcome those interested in personal growth and development.
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  • Therapy

    • Individual

      The Center for Human Development faculty offers individual, couples tailored to both your needs and preferences... More Info

    • Group

      The Center for Human Development faculty offers both process and topic-oriented group therapy... More Info


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